Pottery Works

Pottery techniques include altered thrown pottery forms

Bird Nest Covered Jars The ‘bird nest covered jars’ stoneware pottery cone 10, soda glaze fired

size: 9 ½”h x 5″w (size of tallest)

One Red/One Green covered jar(s) middle range cone 6 stoneware, raised design with bright colored glazes multiple firings and gold luster overglaze

size: 13″h x 8″w x 6″d each

Pair of Covered Jars
Soap Dishes Whimsical decorative soap dishes each different, stoneware cone 10, item with double drain spout has following size : 8″h x 7 ½”w x 3 ½”d

vases with polychrome glazes

animal vases

blue pots

blue pots inlaid blue slip